Results & Resources

Core Set of the Watkins bread wheat landrace collection and the complete collection

From the over 800 lines of the AE Watkins Landrace Collection a core set of 119 accessions has been selected, which captures the majority of the genetic diversity (Wingen et al, TAG, 2014).

Population development

87 bi-parental bread wheat F4 mapping populations have been developed using Paragon and one of the Watkins core set accessions. This is the Landrace Nested Association Mapping (NAM) panel. The population development and SSR genotype was conducted within the WGIN project ( The genotyping has been extended by KASPar genotyping as part of the Wheat Pre-Breeding LOLA ( by the project partners in Bristol.

Populations were genotyped at the F4 stage with 34 microsatellite markers (SSRs) and around 300 SNP markers.  For each of the populations a map was developed. At the start of 2016 87 biparental populations are available.

Trait Data

Phenotypic data from JIC Church Farm field trials is available as spread sheets:

QTL mapping

Results from 2012 QTL analyses for height and flowering times were conducted in the seven Paragon X Watkins landrace biparental populations (updates coming soon):

Breeders' Diversity Toolkit

This resource has a dedicated page here


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