Designing Future Wheat (DFW) Programme: Wheat Genetics Course

As part of the BBSRC funded Designing Future Wheat (DFW) Institute Strategic Programme, an annual course on topics of Wheat Genetics and related fields will be held at the John Innes Centre, Norwich, UK.
DFW spans eight UK research institutes and universities and aims to develop new wheat germplasm containing the next generation of key traits. The aim of this course is to offer training in important methodologies employed by different groups within DFW. The participants will gain the skills necessary to apply these methodologies in their own research.

The deadline for submission of application is Friday 29 June 2018.

See the DFW_2018_Course Flyer for detailed information and use the DFW 2018 Course Application Form to apply. For questions contact dfw.course(at)

  • DFW Course Draft Programme (19-23 November 2018):
    • Day 1 - Monday 19 November :

      ·         Introduction of tutors and participants

      ·         Wheat Inflorescence Development (Speaker from John Innes Centre)

      ·         The use of Molecular Markers in Wheat Breeding (Speaker from Bristol University)

    • Day 2 - Tuesday 20 November :

      ·         Wheat Genomic Resources (Speaker from John Innes Centre)

      ·         Phenotyping and Wheat Physiology (Speakers from Rothamsted Research & Earlham Institute)

    • Day 3 - Wednesday 21 November :

      ·         From QTL to Breeding Pipeline (Speakers from John Innes Centre)

      ·         Trip to a wheat breeding station

    • Day 4 - Thursday 22 November :

      ·         Starch traits for healthier wheat (Speaker from Quadram Institute)

      ·         Grain Structure, Composition and Quality (Speaker from Rothamsted Research)

      ·         Wheat Synthetics & tetraploid x hexaploid wheat (Speakers from NIAB) practical)

      ·         Diversity from Wild Relatives (Speakers from Nottingham University)

                  Workshop dinner

    • Day 5 - Friday 23 November :

      ·         Guest speaker: Chris Burt (RAGCT)

      ·         Wheat Pathology (Speaker from John Innes Centre)

      ·         Germplasm Research Unit at JIC

      ·         Data-driven Wheat Research (Speakers from the Earlham Institute and the European Bioinformatics Institute))

    See the DFW_2018_Course Flyer for detailed information and use the DFW 2018 Course Application Form to apply and send applications to dfw.course(at)

    Information on previous Course: WISP course on Wheat Genetics